Sewer systems

Efficient and durable sewer system

The system of sewer pipes is part of the infrastructure of almost any settlement. Inefficient sewerage operation can lead to a dangerous sanitary and epidemiological situation in the region. Our company provides services for the design, installation, repair and modernization of sewer systems quickly and efficiently.

Sewer classification

By type of sewage are:

  • domestic;
  • industrial;
  • stormwater.

Domestic is divided into centralized and autonomous sewer systems. In both cases, the creation of sewerage requires a professional approach, compliance with all norms and technical requirements of Ukrainian standards for working with the system.

Sewer system device

The sewerage system consists of internal (in the building), external and treatment drains. It can exist fully and effectively only comprehensively.

Internal sewerage consists of water intakes (baths, toilets, etc.), sewer pipes (risers, outlets to external sewers, etc.), additional components (local treatment systems, sewage pumping systems). The latters are usually used as vacuum sewer systems (under pressure).

Part of the external is a drainage system (rain), which provides drainage of precipitation, without which there is a high probability of flooding. In private areas, as in the construction of a new building, drainage is provided by the master plan. External sewerage is divided into:

  • inside the yard;
  • street;
  • collectors.

Its elements are pipe systems, wells, pumping stations, local treatment plants, etc.

Material requirements

Installation is carried out by means of wear-resistant materials to which the increased requirements in connection with contact with aggressive environments are shown: cast iron, polyvinyl chloride, reinforced concrete. The inner part is arranged with fiberglass, polypropylene, rubber materials.

All parts of the sewer system have a certain service life, after which they should be replaced.

Our company provides a full range of services for design, installation, urgent and preventive repairs. The criteria of work are high quality at an affordable price, an individual approach to each client.