Overlap and vertical

Qualitative monolithic overlappings from "Ekobudstyl"

Monolithic overlaps are the most common of all types. “Ekobudstyl” is engaged in installation of such designs, guaranteeing excellent quality and reasonable prices.

Features of production of monolithic slabs

These types of floors have the form of a non-demountable horizontal system, which has the form of a monolithic slab, but of different design and shape. 

The main functions of such overlap include:

• guarantee of stability of a structure to loadings of vertical type;

• formation of rigidity of the structure due to the horizontal connection of the walls;

• zoning or limiting of the rooms height by creating a visible strong vertical tower.

For the manufacture of monolithic slabs we use:

• formwork;

• steel armature;

• concrete;

• fittings for armature;

• supports (clamps) for armature.

Concerning the pouring technology, it consists of the following stages:

• calculation of the floor slab, if the span is too large, different formats of reinforcements (supports) will be required - crossbars, columns, etc .;

• installation of professional formwork;

• reinforcement of a slab by using steel rods;

• pouring and compaction of concrete;

If you have additional questions, you can always consult with our specialists.

Advantages of a monolithic overlapping

If to compare such format of overlapping with slabs on the basis of reinforced concrete material monolithic slabs have a number of advantages:

• complete absence of seams, it guarantees even level of loadings on walls and the foundation;

• planning can be made more capacious if you use columns on which the fill will be based;

• guarantee of safe overlapping that allows the installation of a balcony without additional support of slabs.

By contacting our company, you will not only be able to order high-quality monolithic overlaps, but also excellent service. The specialists who work for us are young, but extremely professional. They do their job perfectly, providing a full range of construction services.

In addition, our company has all the licenses and permits, which allows us to perform work with a high level of danger in the class of consequences CC3, CC2.

Completion of all tasks in a clearly defined time, as well as the availability of warranty and service allows the company's customers to be confident in an excellent result.