About the company

 "Ekobudstyl": competitive advantages of the company

Construction of any object, whether it is a house or an industrial complex, is a responsible process that requires a sensible and liable approach. Therefore, it is necessary to choose contractors and construction workers who will perform such works as responsibly as possible. The company "Ekobudstyl" offers construction works at a high level, providing excellent service and affordable prices.

Advantages of the company

"Ekobudstyl" has been on the market for almost 6 years, during this time we have fulfilled a large number of orders and helped many people to get comfortable and safe dwelling.

Working with clients, we try to ensure high-quality execution of the whole range of works. Our specialists approach their duties responsibly, guaranteeing excellent construction standards and the best possible ways to save the customer's finances. Also, we always perform our work in a timely and high-quality manner.

You can contact us for:

  • initial and basic earthworks;
  • the whole range of monolithic works;
  • masonry works;
  • conducting and installing engineering networks;
  • installation of screed, plaster, waterproofing.

The main advantages of our company include:

  • work of highly qualified and professional young specialists who perform all work at the highest level;
  • providing a full range of construction services that will appeal to the most demanding customers;
  • availability of all necessary certificates and licenses that allow to perform construction works even in the most dangerous places;
  • providing favorable prices, cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.

Our company is a guarantee of convenience and comfort. We are always happy to "build for you".




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Transparent price formation

Transparent pricing. Construction company "EKOBUDSTYL" approaches the formation of pricing policy professionally, all points are discussed with the customer

Warranty and service

Warranty and service. The "EKOBUDSTYL" company treats all objects and works responsibly.

Availability of all licenses and accesses (electricity, geodesy, high-altitude, etc.)

Availability of all licenses and permits

Construction company "EKOBUDSTYL" – is a licensed company that performs high-risk work on the class of consequences CC2, CC3

Experience (certified specialists)

Experience (certified specialists) Working with us, you will not look for contractors for different types of work: we will help with advice at each stage of design - and perform work “on a turn-key basis”!

We guarantee the absence of unplanned work

We guarantee the absence of unplanned work. The main value of the company is its staff. The whole young team is professional constructors, for whom BUILDING IS A LIFE