Heating systems

Installation of heating systems

Heating systems are something without what no residential or commercial building is possible. Installation of thermal units should be performed by specialists who have the appropriate knowledge and skills. By contacting our masters, you can count on first-class performance of all manipulations.

Types of heating systems

Heating systems can be divided into two-pipe and one-pipe. The first involves the supply of hot water through one pipe, and the return - through another. The main advantage is the maintenance of the heating temperature and the possibility of temperature control.

One-pipe system - a type when the supply of hot water is from top to bottom. But it is impossible to regulate temperature indicators without installation of additional details.

Types of heating are divided into:

1. Steam or water. The process of heating water occurs to the boiling point, after which the steam enters the polymer pipes, in the process heats the radiators. Water returns as condensate. The disadvantages include noise during heating, the difficulty of regulating high temperatures.

2. Air. The system is installed only at the construction stage. The boiler is heated by air, after which it enters the heat channels, cold air is expelled, and as a result - the room is heated.

3. Electric. Represents electric heaters, heat-insulated floors, or electric boilers.

Arrangement of heating systems of multi-storey or private houses begins with the design of schemes, cost calculation and coordination of all the nuances with the customer.

List of technical services

The main services provided by the company are:

  • installation of a heating radiator;
  • laying of heat-insulated floors;
  • installation of a gas boiler (both floor and hinged);
  • installation of wood and electric boilers;
  • adjustment of boiler room equipment, central heating plant (central heating point);
  • installation of external and internal networks;

To equip heating systems, contact our company. Guarantee of first-class work, observance of all terms, and also existence of licenses for work on tasks even in the most dangerous points in Ukraine - that we are ready to offer. The company also guarantees affordable prices for the full range of work performed.