Ventilation systems

Effective ventilation system

Ventilation systems are a mandatory part of engineering networks, which are installed in residential apartment buildings and private homes, as well as in commercial real estate.


Regulation of air exchange processes in the room in Ukraine is laid at the stage of creating a building project. Typical design and installation of the system is to fill the room with fresh air due to leaks in windows and doors. And then it goes through the exhaust ducts in the bathroom and kitchen of the apartment. The advantages are reliability and cheapness, but there is also a disadvantage - the lack of controllability, which determines the decrease in efficiency in certain weather conditions.

Therefore, if possible, developers offer and design of ventilation systems of artificial (mechanical type), which allows you to adjust the comfortable conditions in the room depending on the season and the needs of the building.

There are also the following types of ventilation:

  • exhaust and supply ventilation system;
  • local and general exchange.

Exhaust system helps to remove polluted air, and supply system - to deliver clean one. Local involves the installation of ventilation systems in certain locations, where there is a release of stale air (for example, above the stove). These are the so-called umbrellas of ventilation systems, especially indispensable in industrial production.

In general, the exchange can be both supply and exhaust, but only artificial, as it requires certain equipment (fans, filters, etc.). Inspection of ventilation systems of this type usually takes place in the presence of the customer, the representative of the developer and the contractor, as it requires additional investment. However, the high efficiency of high-quality tasks pays for itself.

Our specialists will help you choose and design the best ventilation option.

Manufacture, installation and inspection

The calculation of the ventilation system is made depending on the type of air exchanger:

1. Typesetting. Elements of the ventilation system are usually located in a separate room, but allow you to adjust the air exchange in rooms of any volume.

2. Monoblock. The device is located in a noise-insulated housing. They are usually installed in residential buildings. They are easy to install and already adjustable installation during construction.

Checking the effectiveness allows you to get the appropriate passport - a document confirming compliance with the tasks of the customer and the requirements of the law for a particular type of premises. Our company carries out all types of work from design to launch with the issuance of relevant documents.