Installation of waterproofing

Waterproofing is necessary for all building structures, regardless of their purpose. Without it, the normal operation of buildings in the mode of permanent periods of freezing and thawing is impossible. And endurance and durability of designs decreases at times.

Typical variability

The main structural elements that require waterproofing work are the foundation, socle and roof. It is desirable to waterproof the first floors of high-rise buildings.

There are several types of waterproofing depending on the purpose of the building, operating conditions and features of its location:

1. Antifiltration. Resists the penetration of water into underground and underwater structures (basements, tunnels, mines, aqueducts, reservoirs).

2. Anticorrosive. Protection against chemically aggressive liquids, atmospheric influence, electrocorrosive effects from stray current.

3. Dyeing. Multilayer of bituminous and polymeric varnishes and paints. There are hot and cold.

4. Plastering and coating. For reinforced concrete structures.

5. Clipping. The porous structure of concrete determines the mandatory use of this type of insulation from liquids.

6. Pasting. The advantage is crack resistance.

7. Pour. The most reliable. The technology consists in the use of hot mastic and solutions that need to be welded to install waterproofing. Horizontally, they are used for floors and roofs, and vertically - for walls.

Bulk, impregnating, mounted types are not less demanded. An injection variant is used for repair. There are surface, penetrating and sprayed waterproofing.

Technological process

The set of actions for waterproofing works includes preparation of the base, a cover with waterproofing effect, the equipment of a protective fence and consolidation of seams and connections which are subject to deformation. In winter, work is usually not carried out outdoors.The materials are rolled or sheet geosynthetics, Vinyl roof membrane, PVC transparent plastic film, as well as metal sheets, mineral viscous solutions, dry materials of penetrating action.

Our company will develop a project, select the most suitable type of waterproofing and materials for the budget. Reasonable price and the possibility of work throughout Ukraine make cooperation profitable and convenient.