Pouring concrete

Pouring concrete on the foundation

Pouring concrete on the foundation is a process without which it is impossible to imagine any structure. The “Ekobudstyl” company offers high-quality execution of all construction works. Affordable prices and compliance with deadlines - a guarantee of profitable cooperation.

Features of concrete pouring

To ensure the stability of the foundation, first carefully perform the preparatory manipulations. A prerequisite is the appropriate marking to place the future structure, level potential problems, protect the foundation from destruction.

Before starting all the work, be sure to calculate the foundation size. Be sure to determine the presence or absence of underground currents, calculate the pressure level on the future foundation, determine the appropriate filling material.

The process of performing all works:

• preparation of the pit;

• formwork installation;

• backfilling of the filler in a formwork;

• pouring of concrete.

Additionally, the foundation is strengthened by reinforcement. A mesh frame is created from the armature. For such purposes rods are used, they are connected by a wire.

 When is it better to pour the foundation? 

The best option is to pour concrete in the summer. The air temperature should be + 15 ... + 25 degrees. It is important that such indicators should be not only during the day but also at night. Temperatures above 30 degrees will adversely affect the composition of the concrete.

It will be possible to reach the highest indicators of durability of concrete, only at humidity of air above 80%.

Advantages of cooperation

By contacting “Ekobudstyl”, you will be confident in the excellent quality of all work. We are leaders in the market of construction companies, so we guarantee a first-class result. Other benefits of cooperation with us include:

• strict adherence to all deadlines;

• favorable cost, based on the calculation of 1 cubic meter;

• use of only innovative technologies in monolithic construction;

• professional specialists who have the appropriate certificates;

• availability of licenses and permits for work in the most dangerous places in Ukraine;

• use of quality materials that will ensure long-term operation of buildings.

 “Ekobudstyl” company invites everyone who wants to get strong and reliable buildings.