From the ceramic block

First-class erection of walls from expanded clay

Erection of walls from ceramic blocks - foam blocks, ceramics, aerated concrete, is a popular service for those who plan to build commercial and residential premises. You can order such services in our company.

Features of erection of walls from expanded clay concrete

The foundation is first leveled with a thin layer of cement mixture, then insulated from moisture. Laying starts from the corners. To place each block, you will need a short level in all directions. The next steps are:

  • reinforcement through 4 rows by means of a net, instead of it use metal rods in 10 mm;
  • laying of internal and external walls, partitions;
  • installation of an armor belt in 20 cm.

At creation of concrete blocks are used: various easy concretes, and also slag, expanded clay, the crushed brick. The element is adhesive or limescale.

Advantages of expanded clay walls

The advantages of such walls include:

  • light weight, as a result - a slight load on the floor;
  • high level of sound absorption;
  • excellent energy efficiency indicators.

Also, such walls are frost-resistant - up to 200 cycles of freezing and thawing. This figure is one of the largest among the materials used for the construction of walls.

There are no claims to soundproofing properties either. Expanded clay blocks guarantee comfort during the stay in the room, eliminate extraneous noise.

An additional advantage is the environmental friendliness of the material. The composition of expanded clay concrete does not contain any harmful components that can harm the environment and human health.

Why contact us?

The specialists working in our company have the necessary knowledge to carry out even the most complex work. The advantages of cooperation include:

  • first-class construction of walls from expanded clay blocks with observance of all technologies – is a guarantee of long exploitation;
  • performance of the whole range of works in clearly defined terms;
  • availability of licenses that allow to carry out even the most dangerous works in any part of Ukraine;
  • favorable prices for all services.

In the process of work only modern equipment and high-quality materials are used, therefore the presented result will always be at height. You can consult with our managers on any issues.