From the gas block

 Laying of walls with gas blocks

Construction of residential and non-residential premises is impossible to imagine without masonry. Brick, gas block or other materials are used for such purposes. The gas block has recently become very popular because of its democratic price and excellent characteristics. To erect constructions from such material, use services of the Ekobudstyl company.

Features of gas blocks

The creation of gas blocks involves the use of various fillers - slag, expanded clay, broken bricks and more. The bonding material is foam, glue or a well-known cement mixture.

The main advantages of such walls include:

  • light weight and as a result insignificant loadings on overlappings;
  • high sound insulation level;
  • excellent heat energy saving indicators.

Partitions based on aerated concrete are much lighter than similar brick structures. It is also important that the complexity of the construction of internal and external partitions is lower. This reduces the cost of construction.

An additional plus - the simplicity of laying utilities. If the masonry is done well, the surface will be smooth, which significantly reduces the cost of exterior and interior decorative materials.

Our specialists will be able to provide quality results, because when erecting aerated concrete structures, they adhere to all technologies and building norms and rules. This allows you to create reliable structures.

Why contact us?

Our experts guarantee first-class construction of walls from the gas block. Masters have the appropriate education, the necessary level of skills and knowledge to provide a quality result. The advantages of cooperation with us include:

  • use of modern technologies and tools for work;
  • availability of licenses that allow to perform construction works of all types even in the most dangerous points on the map of Ukraine;
  • affordable cost for the whole range of works, which is formed depending on the volume of future manipulations.

Our company strictly adheres to the established terms not to disappoint customers. During our work, we have established ourselves as responsible contractors. We have professionally implemented more than 10 large-scale projects. Next may be yours!