Made of brick

First-class brickwork from "Ekobudstyl" company

Brick masonry is a durable way to build any building. To order such services, use the offer of our company. We guarantee affordable prices and compliance with all deadlines.

Features of brick partitions

Brick is considered one of the most reliable options for building walls. Walls, even one brick thick, are able to withstand various loads evenly. To minimize the cost of bricks, reduce the weight of structures and the load on the foundation, the outer walls are laid out of air bricks.

Internal and external brick partitions are considered a classic option to separate functional areas. Advantages of such elements in a high level of durability, possibility to fasten on them heavy subjects of a decor.

Most often, brick walls are laid in half a brick. Less often - on the edge. It is allowed to use different partitions - solid, hollow, ceramic or silicate. The last actively absorb moisture, so they are not suitable for buildings with high humidity.

To increase the strength of the brickwork, reinforcement is carried out - in seams armature in 4-6 mm in the diameter is put. Reinforcing mesh is also suitable.

It is quite difficult to cope with all the work on your own, so it is better to entrust this process to specialists. It is extremely important to understand the technology of masonry, materials used, cement to get a really reliable and durable structure.

Advantages of cooperation with us

Our company guarantees:

  • high-quality execution of all types of internal and external construction works, observance of technologies of a laying and isolation that guarantees first-class results, durability of buildings;
  • observance of the specified terms;
  • work of verified specialists with the appropriate level of knowledge, appropriate qualifications, certificates;
  • availability of licenses that allow to carry out even the most difficult and dangerous works on the territory of Ukraine;
  • providing affordable prices for the full range of work, they are formed based on the complexity of future work.

"Ekobudstyl" will provide reliable laying of a brick according to building norms and rules therefore you can not worry about the received result.