Plaster installation

Plaster installation

Plaster is a finishing layer consisting of a hardened mortar. It was first used in Italy and became widespread.

Classification and types

By purpose, plaster is divided into:

  • ordinary (for preliminary leveling and protection of a facade from influence of environment);
  • insulating and shielding (to improve sound, fire, thermal insulation, X-ray protection);
  • decorative.

Also division can be carried out on dry (covering by ready factory large sheets) and wet plaster.

Common mortar solutions are:

  • limestone;
  • sand-cement;
  • gypsum;
  • magnesium solution;
  • Moroccan smooth plaster.

X-ray protection is provided by barite plaster, which should be applied only by professionals.

Decorative plaster can be colored, stone, Venetian (textured), sgraffito, terrazzo, silk or liquid. This is a finishing layer that allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing surface of walls and ceilings.

Application technology

There are manual and machine methods. Thanks to special devices, the latter is faster and, with experience, more accurate. But the principle is the same:

1. Outline. Creamy layer from 5 to 9 mm, applied sketch without leveling the wall surface.

2. Soil. Dough-like structure, applied in several stages, each of which - no more than 10 mm. The number of layers and their thickness directly depend on the thickness of the beacons and the desired layer of plaster.

3. Overlay. Spread until smooth. Roughness on it can be removed by spackling.

If the base is a wooden frame, rather than metallized mesh, it is treated with bark beetle before applying the first layer of plaster.

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