Exposition of a formwork

Formwork installation

Formwork is a temporary structure used in the construction of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, as well as in the casting of architectural details. The Ekobudstyl company guarantees high-quality installation of a formwork at reasonable prices.

Features of a formwork

Formwork is a form used for pouring construction mixtures. Most often - the connection of concrete with pre-installed steel reinforcement. Formwork must be installed directly on the area of construction. After the  mortar hardens, the structure is dismantled and disassembled.

By appointment, removable and non-removable formworks are:

  • Vertical. It is used to concrete vertical and inclined monolithic structures as quickly and evenly as possible. These are walls, columns, foundations, elevator shafts.
  • Horizontal. Used to concrete horizontal and spherical monolithic structures. This applies to floors, domes, overpasses, bridges.

Before installing the formwork, you must first level the area, remove waste. Also during installation it is extremely important to control a surface that there were no backlashes and cracks. It will allow to expose a formwork as accurately as possible, to make everything on level.

Our specialists perform all work professionally to provide a quality result.

Advantages of cooperation with us

Ekobudstyl employs real specialists who have the appropriate knowledge and the necessary certificates. Working with us, you can count on:

  • first-class carrying out of all works on monolithic construction, ideal exposition of a formwork, concreting and pouring of a mortar, and also other manipulations which will be required during the construction of buildings;
  • compliance with all deadlines set by customers;
  • availability of licenses confirming that our specialists have the right to work even in the most dangerous places in Ukraine;
  • favorable cost for all works, prices are formed based on the complexity of a particular object.

To properly lay the formwork and further the foundation, we use only modern materials and equipment. By contacting us, you get a perfect result, do not even doubt it!