Production of a framework

Production of frameworks

Installation of frameworks from armature - an important stage in monolithic construction. Іnstallation of such structures does not require much effort, and the amount of metal required is reduced. The Ekobudstyl company offers high-quality creation of frameworks which will become a strong basis for the future construction.

Features of erection of frameworks

Previously, monolithic construction was used only for the installation of commercial buildings. But  today residential buildings also use such technologies. Modern metal structures built on monolithic technology include:

  • Reinforcing frame made of steel rods. Installation of a framework is carried out before the beginning of pouring of concrete that allows to create an integral contour. It guarantees an increase in the load characteristics of building structures.
  • Vintage concrete mortar. It is based on a special mixture - portland cement. This mixture is used to fill pre-assembled formwork. It is disassembled after the columns harden.

Load-bearing columns have a high level of strength.


Advantages of monolithic frameworks

Such metal structures have several main advantages:

  • significantly reduce construction periods, so you can quickly move on to finishing work;
  • increased level of reliability, structural strength;
  • no seams, minimum number of joints;
  • reduced weight of frame buildings;
  • no local loads on the foundation;
  • stability even at the lowest temperatures;
  • minimization of costs for monolithic structures.

Due to this, such frames guarantee reliability for many years.


Advantages of cooperation

Our company employs experienced professionals with the appropriate knowledge. All employees have certificates that allow them to perform the full range of construction work. Advantages of cooperation:

  • performance of all works in clearly defined terms;
  • availability of licenses that allow to carry out even the most dangerous works on the territory of Ukraine;
  • affordable price - prices from UAH 1900, but they may vary, taking into account additional factors.

Working with us, you get quality services. The ordered frameworks will be erected reliably and with observance of all technologies.