Low-voltage networks

 Low-voltage networks of the building

Low-voltage cable network provides access to communication systems in residential and commercial real estate. Therefore, its design is carried out at the stage of construction of buildings. But there is a possibility of laying and installation in already existing premises. Our company implements projects of varying complexity with a guarantee of the quality of work performed.


According to the size and purpose of low-voltage networks can be divided into two major groups: domestic and commercial. The first include:

  • satellite television networks;
  • radio broadcasting;
  • terrestrial television networks;
  • stereo systems, home theaters;
  • computer networks;
  • intercoms;
  • telephone networks.

Commercial include:

  • fire safety;
  • local area network;
  • in-house notification systems;
  • access control systems, etc.

Our company carries out design, installation and adjustment of networks in any rooms, according to the requirements and norms approved by the legislation.

Design and installation of low-voltage networks

The development of the project and its implementation should be entrusted exclusively to professionals, so that the tasks were performed efficiently and on time.

The device of this cable system involves the use of low voltage currents, safer for humans in contact with the source. However, the requirements for the installation of low-voltage networks by Building codes and regulations 3.05.06-85 are quite serious:

  • reliability (from fires and short circuits in terms of cable laying, its insulation, connection of equipment, installation of switchboards, etc.);
  • functionality (uninterrupted operation, availability of backup lines, availability of fire alarm system and video surveillance, etc.);
  • optimal length of wiring for horizontal placement of external low-voltage cables, taking into account the possibility of installation indoors diagonally or on the floor;
  • affordable price.

Therefore, the following stages of design are distinguished:

  • localization of devices in the building;
  • calculation of cable length;
  • drawing of the scheme on the plan of the building;
  • search for available external lines for insertion;
  • drawing up the scheme of laying of cables and wires, placement of outlets.

Installation consists in direct laying of lines, installation of outlets and connection of devices.

Our team of professionals is ready to develop and implement a project for any building with a guarantee of quality at an affordable price.