Water supply

 Quality water supply

The water supply system of residential and industrial buildings is one of the key issues in the design of engineering networks.

Concepts and basic elements

Water supply for consumption, drinking, industrial and fire needs comes from underground and surface sources. There are a number of requirements for quality and quantity, as well as the installation of external and internal communications, enshrined in the Building codes and regulations of Ukraine.

Water supply systems are classified according to:

1. Purpose. Provision of settlements, industrial complex, agriculture, firefighting needs and combined systems.

2. Water supply. There are gravitational-altitude, pump, zone (in one area are used self-flowing, and in another - mechanized) types;

3. Consistency with the principles of conservation of natural resources. Direct-disposable, reversible, reusable.

4. Sources of collection. Underground, aboveground or mixed type (with a predominant or equal share of one of the sources).

Regardless of the purpose of the water supply, the main elements of the system are:

  • water-intake and water-lifting structures;
  • water filtering facilities;
  • transport networks and water receivers (water pipes);
  • regulating-spare tanks (reservoirs and water towers).

The water supply scheme of a particular area is influenced by such factors as natural conditions, consumer needs in a particular location, economic considerations.

Development of technical documentation and its implementation

The water supply system must be reliable and repairable if there is a problem. External laying of the pipeline is performed in several ways depending on the expediency:

  • ground support-trestle;
  • underground (trench, trenchless horizontal drilling, collector by means of panel penetration).

The internal pipeline of the building is the presence of technical mines (risers), shtrab, laying pipes through the floor, baseboard, walls. Communications under cold and warm pipes are allocated separately.

Schematic representation of the water supply system is performed at the design stage for objects of all public needs and private housing. Our company implements a full range of project design and implementation services. Many years of experience and a team of specialists - a guarantee of high-quality work performed.