Construction is a responsible process that begins with the preparation of land. It is almost impossible to perform such actions on your own, so you need to seek the help of specialists. Our company provides a full range of services at a favorable price.

What do the preparatory work include?

Usually earthworks begin with a thorough geodetic survey of the soil structure of the area, its preparation for construction. In addition, it is the development of a vertical plan of the territory with the creation of the necessary conditions for traffic.

The range of preparatory work includes:

• excavation of soil by mechanized method;

• digging the soil by hand;

• dismantling of the soil manually;

• arrangement of trenches, lintels for laying communications;

• drilling works;

• dismantling of ditches and vertical planning;

• construction of temporary premises and buildings;

• removal and utilization of construction waste;

• careful area planning;

• landscaping, restoration of tile and asphalt pavement.

Earthworks are better to carry out in a warm season, when the soil is not frozen, and its humidity level is not so big. Sometimes earthworks are allowed in winter, but in this case process will require additional material costs to prevent freezing.

Advantages of the company

When looking for a company that performs construction work in Ukraine - contact “Ekobudstyl. By contacting us, you can be 100% sure that all work will be carried out as safely and efficiently as possible. The prices for the presented works depend on the future volume of work and soil structure. But the company is trying to provide a favorable pricing policy.

Our specialists have the necessary experience, perform the full range of work to prepare the area for construction in a clearly defined time.

In addition, our company has all the necessary licenses and permits, therefore, even performing work with an increased risk of danger is within our power.