Earthworks from Ekobudstyl 

Earthworks - is a mandatory step before the construction of new buildings and structures. All processes should be performed only by specialists with the appropriate level of knowledge and the availability of special equipment. Our company offers all earthworks at the highest level, guaranteeing excellent quality and compliance with deadlines.

What are the earthworks?

Earthworks - a fairly broad concept, but the main processes include:

• removal, transfer and laying of soil, as well as its compaction;

• delivery of fertile soil, its placement on the ground;

• digging of ditches, trenches, lintels, other;

• construction of walls in the ground, erection of retaining walls to hold the slopes;

• creation of embankments, creation of excavations.

Based on the scope, there are 2 types of work:

1. Working. When the amount of soil made by the earthmoving machine is taken into account.

2. Profile. When taking into account the geometric dimensions of various soil structures, such as embankments or excavations.

The following types of work can be performed by the following methods:

1. Mechanical. When special equipment is used - excavators, bulldozers, graders, etc.

2. Hydraulic. Water flow is used to move the soil.

3. Explosive. When the energy of excess pressure of gases which are formed at explosion of special substances is used.

4. Manual. All manipulations are performed manually.

It should also be understood that earthworks can form two types of structures:

1. Temporary. The first are intended for construction of the bases of inhabited premises, dams and bridges.

2. Permanent. These include planning areas that are created to build residential quarters, industrial plants, railways, highways.

Also, earthworks can be classified by form - to be deep, simple or complex.

Advantages of cooperation

By contacting our company, you can be sure of the safety of all work. Our specialists have relevant experience, work efficiently and on time.

In addition, our company has all permits and licenses in Ukraine, which allows us to perform work where the level of danger is high.