Gas supply

Carrying out gas supply

Gas supply of residential, public and industrial buildings is the most important component of engineering networks that allow to perform a number of functions. At the communal and household levels, gas is used for cooking, water heating, and sanitary needs. It provides important technical needs of enterprises, is used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning in the premises.

Gas system device

Gas is extracted in wells, and then enters the tanks, separating impurities. The gas pipeline includes gas distribution facilities, where the gas passes through the entire technological complex to enter the main gas pipeline. And only after that the natural wealth enters the gas distribution. These stations accumulate gas for large settlements and enterprises.

And only at this stage it can be a question of separate buildings which need to be connected to the gas pipeline or to carry out repair or restoration works.

The supply of the gas pipeline to the facility marks the beginning of internal works on the installation of appropriate equipment.

Installation of gas equipment requires paradigmatic knowledge of the legal framework. In particular, SBC. This is the regulatory framework, which is perceived as a system of mandatory technical and economic characteristics in the aspects of urban planning, engineering surveys, design of architectural and construction works and construction itself.

Gasification procedure

First, a project with a detailed scheme is submitted. It is developed on the basis of State building codes and regulations of Ukraine norms and is approved by the corresponding bodies. After that, the gas supply and the works themselves are blocked in the facilities connected to the system during the repair works. In new buildings, breeding is done on the premises, and there is an insertion into the gas pipeline in a certain area.

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