Earthworks are an integral part of construction work. The main purpose of earthworks is to prepare area for construction. These works include a range of activities: laying, moving and compaction of soil directly at the construction area. This is a very important stage because the quality of execution of this stage directly affects the stability, durability of the erected building and underground communications.

There are 2 main types of earthworks:

• basic - construction of permanent and earth structures, planning of construction sites, preparation of the foundations of buildings and structures;

• preparatory - clearing areas from vegetation, namely shrubs, forests, uprooting stumps, lowering groundwater levels, draining the area, loosening hard, frozen and rocky soils.

If we talk about earthworks performed by our company, in a broader sense, we can distinguish the following stages:

• geodetic works on the area;

• further geodetic support of construction;

• registration of the “Project of work production”, arrangement of a pit or technological map;

• clearing the territory and removal of construction waste;

• removal of the plant layer;

• construction of temporary roads;

• creating, digging, sheet piling fences of pits;

• excavation and removal of soil to specialized landfills;

• digging trenches;

• arrangement of embankments;

• digging of reservoirs, fire ponds;

• backfilling of soil;

• moving, laying and compaction of soil;

• arrangement of soil and sand-gravel cushions;

• vertical planning.

Any type of work carried out involves the study of soil characteristics and the level of surface water.

Earthworks are a fundamentally important part of hydraulic, industrial and housing construction.

Our company specializes in earthworks to lay the foundation for future homes and is a leader in this field. We always guarantee high-quality execution of work in a short time frame. All works carried out by “Ekobudstyl” are fully mechanized and are performed with the help of earthmoving machines - excavators, bulldozers, graders, loaders. Dump trucks are used to transport the soil. In case of impossibility of application of special equipment, manual work is used.

When should earthworks be carried out?

Earthworks are recommended to be carried out in the warm period of the year, when the soils are not frozen and its humidity is insignificant. Earthworks can also be carried out in winter, but this requires additional costs for measures to prevent freezing, snow removal, and loosening of frozen soils.

As a rule, earthworks begin with a thorough geodetic survey of the territory, the soil structure of the area and of its preparation for construction. In addition, it is the creation of a vertical plan of the territory with the necessary conditions for traffic.

Why should you choose us?

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