Masonry walls


Laying walls is an important and responsible process in construction, without which it is impossible to erect any building. It is difficult to do such work on your own, because the lack of necessary skills can lead to a bad result. The best solution is to delegate all processes to experienced professionals. These are the ones who work in our company.


You can build walls of different materials. Hence the difference in price, speed, techniques used. Let's focus on each technology and materials.


Walls from a ceramic block are erected on various technologies, proceeding from a concrete situation. The most common are:

1. Installation of a box with identical thickness to the width of the block. This allows the inner part to be treated with a mixture of plaster, and the outer - to treat with insulating materials.

2. Installation of walls with a thickness identical to the length of the block. Such external processing of walls is carried out on the same principle, as at the first technology. The only difference is that the layer of insulating material will be thinner.

3. Installation with parallel ligation of ceramic blocks and the passage of a layer of air between them. In this case, the box will have a thickness of 60 cm. The inner part of the wall is treated with plaster, and the insulation is placed in the layer between the products.

4. Installation of two walls with a small free space between them. They are arranged in parallel. In this case, the walls are fastened with reinforcing bars, and the voids are filled with insulating material.


Options for brickwork depend on the level of thickness of the finished wall:

1. In ¼ bricks. In this case, the construction product is fixed on the side so that its thickness serves as the finished wall thickness. This option is not suitable for supporting walls, but only for interior partitions.

2. In ½ bricks. The material is laid so that the thickness of the wall was the width of a brick. The walls can be erected for partitions or one-storey building.

3. In 1 brick. The length of the material is equal to the thickness of the wall. Suitable for supporting walls, but provided that the buildings are not higher than 2 floors.

4. In 1.5 bricks. In this case, the thickness of the wall will be the length and width of the brick, as well as the mortar between them. Suitable for large-scale construction. Clear projects and calculations are required for such construction.

Aerated concrete

Before laying aerated concrete, the foundation is formed first, then the first row is placed there. Laying of aerated concrete is carried out on a socle, it will rise above the earth to 80 centimeters.

Laying of the first row is carried out on mortar then the waterproofing layer follows. After this stage, the surface is polished. The next row will be laid only 2 hours after the previous one.


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Masonry walls