Monolithic works


Monolithic construction of the house - the name of modern technologies with which it is possible to erect buildings of various levels in the shortest possible time. Monolithic ferroconcrete is usually used for the construction of such buildings. Our company offers to order services of monolithic construction of objects, guaranteeing faultless performance of all works and reasonable prices.


The first thing you need to understand is how the processes of erection of buildings on a monolithic principle occure. First thing is the pouring of concrete, which includes the following stages:

• binding and assembling of frameworks from armature;

• assembling of formwork for foundations, columns, walls or floors;

• pouring and laying of foam concrete;

dismantling of formwork.

All processes can be performed either by hand or with special equipment.

The main advantages of monolithic construction include:

• the ability to choose any configuration of the future building, which will not depend on the typical elements;

• absence of seams that guarantees the increased level of heat and sound insulation of internal rooms;

• eliminates the process of crack formation and reduces the load on the foundation;

• guarantee of the increased frost resistance.

If you compare this type of construction with others, you can also highlight the following advantages:

• monolithic structures have a seamless structure;

• concrete buildings are 15% lighter than panel or brick ones, thanks to the use of arbolite;

• in this case there are no standard parameters and sizes, which allows you to save significantly.

In addition, monolithic structures are quite strong. On average, the service life of facilities made by this technology is at least 200 years.

Therefore, if at first the cost of monolithic work may seem quite high, in fact, this solution reduces the cost of exploitation the building in the future. In addition, thus, the durability of the completed objects is guaranteed.

Monolithic construction allows you to build houses, multi-storey cottages without seams, it significantly improves heat and sound insulation properties, reduces the total weight of buildings, eliminates the possibility of cracking, makes structures more durable.


Our specialists offer high-quality execution of monolithic works:

• bindings of frameworks from armature;

• concreting of walls, foundations, columns, pylons, slabs, overlaps with its formwork.

We employ young, but already quite experienced professionals who have the appropriate knowledge. All employees are certified, which confirms their qualifications. The whole range of works will be performed in a clearly defined time, projects are always submitted on time.

In addition, the company has licenses that allow us to perform construction work in Ukraine, even in the most dangerous places.

Prices for monolithic works start from 1900 UAH, but can change under the influence of several factors:

• the level of complexity of the manipulations;

• weather conditions during which we will have to work;

• series of construction.

But, despite this, our company adheres to the policy of favorable prices, we are always open to offers, communication and cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.

Monolithic works,
from 1900 UAH