Engineering networks


Installation of engineering networks is an important stage in the design and construction of various buildings, both residential and commercial. With the help of such networks inside the room, you can provide comfortable living or working conditions. Installation of engineering networks should be done exclusively by professionals. By ordering the service from us, you can be sure of the excellent quality of all installation works.


It is necessary to perform design and installation of engineering networks before the beginning of decorating works. Engineering systems can be classified into those that are installed inside and those that are outside.

In order for a construction project to be put into operation, it is necessary to check the technical characteristics of engineering systems for compliance with the standards set by the state.

The concept of installation of engineering networks includes planning and device:

  • ventilation, air conditioning systems;
  • heating, water supply, gasification, electricity;
  • garbage disposal, low-voltage communications.

Thanks to competently designed and installed utilities, you can significantly improve the comfort of any residential and commercial facility.


Installation of networks means carrying out large-scale works:

1. Installations of ventilation systems. These include the installation of air-exhausters, air outlets, switchgear, arrangement of pipelines for vibration and sound insulation.

2. Installation of heating systems. How the installation of mains and heating equipment will be carried out depends on the parameters of the room, the characteristics of buildings, climate.

3. Power supply. These include marking and installation of cables, electrical networks, chipping of various structures.

4. Sewer systems. Trenchless laying of pipes for the sewerage, installation of additional devices for correct work is carried out.

5. Low-voltage systems. Installation of the Internet, television, security and fire systems.

6. Cold supply. Installation of refrigeration equipment, which plays a major role for commercial premises, involving work with the production and processing of products.

7. Air conditioning. Installation of air conditioning systems for gyms, offices, private homes, cafes, hotels, etc.

All these internal and external works are accompanied by the installation of additional pipelines, which will be needed for the work of enterprises to be correct.


The whole long process of installing engineering systems consists of the following stages:

  • creation and approval of the main project;
  • calculations and purchase of necessary materials for construction;
  • logistics and delivery to the construction site;
  • system installations;
  • commissioning and adjustment works;
  • commissioning of facilities.

By contacting our company, you can be 100% confident in the quality of all work. Our specialists have the necessary knowledge to do the installation of engineering systems in the best way. Other benefits of cooperation include:

  • first-class work taking into account all standards and norms;
  • use only durable and high-quality materials in the work;
  • compliance with these deadlines, timely commissioning of projects;
  • the ability to work even in the most dangerous areas anywhere in Ukraine;
  • o affordable cost for all installation work.

By ordering the installation of engineering networks in our company, you are guaranteed to get an excellent result.

Engineering networks